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Date published: 31 March 2016 Deadline for review: 31 March 2019

MindEd for Families builds on the success of the MindEd e-learning portal, developed in partnership with e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), part of Health Education England (HEE). MindEd is funded through the Department of Health and HEE. MindEd for Families has been funded by the Department for Education and NHS England.


MindEd for Families has been developed in two phases. The first phase, funded by DfE, is intended to support parents and those caring for children and young people in their family when they are concerned about a young person’s mental health or well-being. The second phase, funded by NHSE, provides support for older people and their families when they are concerned about mental health and well-being, either their own or other family members.


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If you would like to learn more about the MindEd programme, make suggestions or provide feedback, please contact the team at mindedenquiries@hee.nhs.uk.

Authors and Editors

All of the MindEd for Families content was developed in a close partnership between expert professionals and parents, family members, or older people themselves, who have become experts by experience in dealing with mental health problems. We are very grateful to all of our editors and authors, both volunteers and professionals, who generously provided their time, commitment and expertise.


Volunteer co-authors and editors

Anne Humphrys, Bridget Grenville-Cleave, Frances Jones, Glen Ridgway, Gunny Lenz-Mulligan, Heather Hayward, Julia Garden, Julia Lofts, Julia Ogden, Karen Irvine, Katherine Agong, Laila Fish, Liz Bland, Liz Monaghan, Lucy Liu, Lynn Pashby, Michelle Thomas, Nicole Capon, Wendy Minhinett, Doris Richards, Olivera Timotijevic, Norma Raynes, Gordon Rankin, Carole Haskel, Mandy Maynard, Peter Martin, Hamza Aumeer, Trevor Ford, Peter Hart, Mary Symons, Charles Roe, Derek Steel, Derek Baker, Robert Holford, Barbara Campini, Ann Salvage, Claire McLaughlin, Mary Edwards, Frances Georgine Carter

We are grateful to YoungMinds for enabling our parent engagement and to the University of the Third Age for their help in recruiting volunteers from the older community.


Professional authors and editors

Editorial team

Dr Raphael Kelvin, Dr Brian Jacobs, Julia Garden, Professor Eric Taylor, Dr Elena Garralda, Dr Anula Nikapota, Dr Claire Hilton, Dr Anitha Howard, Dr Jacqui Hussey


Adele Meader, Alistair Cooper, Anna Picciotto, Andrea Danese, Anna Redfern, Annie Mullins, Benjamin Wellens, Brian Jacobs, Chris McCree , Clare Lamb, Eleanor Leigh, Enys Delmage, Ginny Russell, Giselle Ryan, Guy Larrington, Helen Bruce, Jessica Richardson, Judith Lask, Justin Wakefield, Karen Treisman, Liz Raynor, Lucy Taylor, Marinos Kyriakopoulos, Matt Woolgar, Mike Shaw, Mima Simic, Nina Mguni, Patrick Smith, Paul McArdle, Raphael Kelvin, Richard Graham, Siobhan Netherwood, Tamsin Ford, Tessa Crombie, Mangesh Marudkar, Jacqui Hussey, Sarah Mitchell, Dominic Ffytche, Deirdre Bonner, Tamar Posner, Anitha Howard, Rekha Hegde, Sally Butterworth, Tony Rao, Mani Krishnan, Andy Teodorczuk, Philip Wilkinson, Sarah Mitchell, Salma Iqbal, Melanie Gallagher, Nick Woodthorpe, Rikki Lorenti, Tammy Lennox, Judy Rubinsztein, Luke Solomons

Design and Development Team

All the technical development and design for MindEd for Families was provided by our partners e-LfH, to whom we are very grateful:


Ade Shannon, Jen Van Iwaarden, Wendy Lowe, Amanda Savage, Steve Gibbons, Alice Denham, Paul Steven, Rashmi Chavda, Victoria Ward and Angelina Montinaro


We are really grateful to all of the team at Spectrecom Studios, who have helped make all the videos, especially Kathy Bird, Kate Bromley, Dani Wilmot and Jenny Strange, and many thanks to our photographer Sarah Turton.


The design for all the site pages, including this one, was developed by Reading Room and we are very grateful for all their help and support.

MindEd Consortium

The MindEd programme is delivered by a Consortium of stakeholder organisations:

In partnership with: