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Flashback, Trauma And Bullying

There are a range of problems and types of problems that we see in children and young people. These difficulties can be grouped into problem types. The aim is to not repeat the existing MindEd content but rather to highlight what can be found and why it matters. Although this session does not cover every topic in detail, the material within these sessions is highly relevant to parents grappling with difficulties.


Bullying And What To Do As A Parent

This session suggests the ways that parents may recognise that their child is being bullied and provides some advice, with resources to take this further.


Trauma And Coping

This session acts as an introduction to the Core MindEd session (Flashbacks, Trauma and Bullying) but comes at it from a parent / carer’s perspective. It also provides parents and carers with initial guidance and then points them towards that core session. It briefly covers head injury in terms of likelihood or not of subsequent trauma but then the focus is on when to worry about PTSD.


Parenting A Child With Issues

This session is aimed at parents/carers of children whose behaviour challenges, or who have significant emoitional and behavioural issues. it considers: Life before diagnosis - · what to do if your child doesn’t accept your help · How to support your child if: hearing voices, delusional thoughts, not eating, having manic episodes, being violent – some of these will signpost other resources · How to get a diagnosis - this will be signpost other resources Life after diagnosis – · how to persuade your child to take medication/talk to therapist · Rights and responsibilities of parents · Planning for the future · Effectively supporting siblings/top tips · How to recognise trigger points – ie if CYP behaviour is cyclical (eg depression, psychosis) how to best anticipate. · How to talk to CYP about their diagnosis · Finding positives in your child's behaviour · How to talk to friends/family about your child's diagnosis · I have been referred to a parenting programme – what does this mean?


Building Confidence And Resilience

This session covers advice to parents themselves rather than to professionals engaging with the system. It includes helping a child to cope in today’s pushy world, helping a child to build friendships and deal with bullying, and suggests different ways to support your child to be resilient.