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Should I be concerned, or worried?


This topic aims to give you information if you feel concerned about your child's behaviour or emotional wellbeing. You will be given links to various organisations that can help, advise or give you more information if needed. All children are different. They have different rates of growth and development and have had different experiences that contribute to this.

Who may notice if there is a change in or a concern about a child’s behaviour or emotional wellbeing?

1) Home: You know your child well and may notice a change in their behaviour.

2) Nursery and School: Sometimes difficulties may only become noticeable at school or when the child is with others of the same age.

Around 20% of children may have either a behavioural or emotional problem at some time whilst growing up.

We will explore some common behavioural problems in different age groups:

  • Children under Five
  • Primary School Children
  • Secondary School Children

Date published: 30 May 2017 Deadline for review: 31 March 2019

Published by:

Helen Bruce

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, East London NHS Foundation Trust